Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Craft Beer times two

Remember how I said I'd go back to Craft and try new beers and food?! Well I did finally! Sort of. I met Mike downtown on a day off and bellied up to the bar. Ya know, there are some days when I have no desire to have something new. But we were there, we were hungry, so I went half way. I ordered a Keith's (slightly fearing the bartender would yell at me for having that as opposed to the 99 other kinds on tap) and Mike got the usual 6 kind sampler. I don't remember what kinds, except that I tasted one and it was garbage. Again, it was a dark beer, that tasted like chocolate, cherry and coffee. BLAH! If you want to have those things have them - don't mix them into a beer! I wonder why Mike likes them so much?

Anyways, the food. I saw a beer braised poutine and was sold on that one straight away, and kicked in my "new food" gear and ordered the beef tartare. I like my steaks rare/med-rare so I'm familiar with that texture, and I've never had a tartare so it's that caution to the wind effect. The poutine was poutine. It didn't taste the beer at all (which I think was used in the gravy) but it was served in a cast iron skillet and therefore looked cool. But it sure did taste like fries and gravy and cheese. The beef tartare though? Strange, gross, onion-y. I like the idea of this dish, but I didn't realize that the cornichons, capers, shallots were all imbedded in the chunks of beef. Mike freaking loved it. I would have liked it more if it didn't have pickles or onions, but hey, I tried. I even had three or four bites, because I kept wanting to like it. The homemade chips they serve on the side are great though, so I ate a bunch of those.

So we had two appys, and I wasn't hungry enough for an entree. But I did scope out the dessert menu for that final touch. (Marginally strange for me as I don't usually have dessert). But this is what caught my eye:
CRAVE "A seasonal beer infused cupcake from local favourite Crave".

Well shit. If it's Crave, I must have it. Must.

T:"Does that look like a cupcake to you?"
M:"No, not in the least"

I've taken a picture of this dessert, but have no idea how to add it to this post so I will just try to describe it.
Long rectangular plate on one side has a dollop of pink whip cream and a strawberry. The other end of the plate has a cookie. Think of a GIANT oreo cookie and the centre is pink mousse.
What part of that description tells you it's a cupcake? None? RIGHT! That's what I thought too.

I had one bite and did my poopy-face-push-plate-away move. Mike on the other hand thought it was fabulous and ate the entire thing. Good on him man, I couldn't have done it. You see, had the description been of a cookie with beer infused mousse I would have been OK with the whole thing. But when you say it is a cupcake I want a damn CUPCAKE! I felt ripped off, and frankly still hungry (remember all I ate was the poutine we shared).

I think I stopped at McDonalds on the way home.

We will for sure be back to try other menu items, and I will try a new beer :)

Guess what I tried the other day? Haggis.... Google it while I type out that story:)
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