Thursday, April 19, 2012

This is a revolution!

This past Easter weekend I, as usual, worked and Mike had his "white-collar" three day weekend.  That leaves me going to work to serve people food all day while he stays at home and plays video games.  As I leave for the day I ask if he can come up with something to do/eat when I'm off work.  I leave him with this task and go on my merry way.   Many hours later I am tired and starving.  McDonald's on the way to work can only keep me happy for so long.  He's got some suggestions for dinner and it sparks an idea I have.  I felt bad making him go through all that trouble when it was I who came up with the plan anyway.   Wait, no I didn't.

Rambling aside, we jump in the car and head downtown.  I know, hey?!  Downtown!!  The plan was to drive past this place that I'd seen and if it looked good we'd go there.  Back up plan was Tubby Dog.  I'll fill you all in on that one later.  I am trying to explain to him that its right beside the Brewster's on 11th ave and that it looks like a knock off of Craft Beer Market.   He's struggling to wrap his head around this idea, and it's not helping that I can't remember the name of the damn place.  He's got his phone ready to Google the name as soon as we see it.  There it is!  Beer Revolution!  He's found the website and is reading through the menu quickly, telling me the daily specials and then says the magic words.  A pizza with maple syrup on it.  I immediately shut off the car, and get my purse.  We're going in!

Wowza.  What a sweet lookin' place.  All black and grey interior.  Lots of high top tables, very modern, and holds way more people than it looks from the outside.  We took a fairly secluded back corner table to get the best vantage point.  It's not too busy yet, but it is a Saturday night (and the Flames last game this season) so I expect that to change.  Our server puts down our menus and walks away.  I notice that there is no drink menu until Mike points to the wall.

Well, holy crap.  This is freaking AWESOME!   The beer menu here is on a ticker board.  Exactly what you would see in an airport.  You know what I'm talking about: Flight/Time/Arrival/Departure.
I am in awe.  This is by far the coolest thing I've ever seen in a restaurant.  Our server comes back over, and because 99% of the beers are new to me, I ask her to recommend one.  I explain that I'm a Canadian/Keiths drinker, feeling shame for being in such a beer lovers haven.  She offers me some samples and I go with Lucky Penny Lager.  It's drinkable (read: I'll choke it back, but I don't like it).   Mike cheats and orders Mill St. Organic, a beer I know he's had a million times before.  Cheater.  But I tried some of his, hopefully thinking I'll like it.  EEEKK! I make the ugly-gross face as he laughs at me.

Back to the cool beer board - the second main event tonight!  The way this place works is that they constantly have rotating kegs. You'll hardly ever see the same beer on the menu twice.  They do brew their own three kinds in the basement, but besides that it's all, well, a revolution.  The menu board shows when a keg was first tapped, how big a keg it is, how long they expect it to last, where it originates from and more!!  God, I could go on forever!  It will show the prices by size, a 16oz or 8oz, and even the alcohol percentage.  This part of the night puts Craft Beer Market to shame!

After I get over my fixation on the beer menu I turn my attention to the food menu.  I'm not really sure why I even looked, I already decided in the car what I was having.  

Prosciutto, grilled pineapple, roasted jalapẽnos, smoked cheddar, maple syrup, marinara sauce

If that doesn't sound amazing I don't know what does.  Except for the jalapenos.  I left those off my side, but kept them on for Mike's side.  Did you read the part that says MAPLE SYRUP?  On a pizza!!  Heaven.  I've died and gone to heaven.   Shit, hang on.  This is still spicy. 

Damn.  It's the marinara.  I now need to preform pizza surgery and dig under all the toppings to scrape off the marinara.    It's such a tasty pizza that I don't want to give up now.  Get scrapin' missy!  

We are nearing then end of dinner when I look over and say "We are coming back".   Laughter ensues as this time he doesn't even need to ask the question.  We both are excited to come back and try more of the menu.  The food one, and the beer one!   Can't hardly wait!

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