Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Burgers and Beer for Breakfast

When M tells me he's got a plan, I am usually okay with whatever he has in mind.  And in this case he was bang on.

Clive Burger is a pretty new joint on 17th ave and I would assume it's very busy at peak times.  Normally this would make me avoid it like the plague, but seeing that it was 11am on a Sunday I figured we were ahead of the hangover crowd.  When we arrived there was only a few people in line ahead of us, which turns out to be a good thing.  Being newbies we were unsure of the ordering process so we got to follow the lead of those in front.  There is a huge menu on the wall that lists all the meat options, topping choices and side dishes.  Figure out what you want then proceed to the cash to ring it in and pay.  They give you the little flashy-light pager that restaurants use and you grab a spot to wait.  It's vibe is a wee bit hipster, but new and fresh.  Music could be less hipster, but that's just my personal taste.  It's always fun to sit at the bar/counter and watch all the food being made and this place is no exception.  One thing that stood out to me is that everyone seemed to really enjoy their jobs, and that creates a cool environment.

We both ordered the beef burger, with cheese and with Clive Sauce, but M added an extra patty and some mushrooms, and maybe an egg(?).  Not sure what exactly is in the Clive Sauce, and I'm sure they'd have to kill me if they told me, but it's yummy!  My best guess is ketchup, mayo and spices.  And love.  When I went for my first bite I mumbled to myself  "Clive burger, don't let me down".

T: Ya know, it's just ok.
M: Really?  I love it.
T: Let me tell you my final thoughts once I'm done.
M: Mine is missing the mushrooms, but I don't care it's one of the best burgers I've ever had.

Well, way to go on forgetting the mushrooms guys, but you redeemed yourselves.  Because the french fries are incredible!!  They're fresh cut, and just like what you'd want to match a burger of this caliber.  And then you dip your fries in the Clive Sauce.  Then you're in heaven.  Golden and crispy but a few are oddly soggy...which it 100% okay.   (I don't think that description did it justice.. you'll have to go eat them to see what I mean).   Oh, yes they have beer, and yes we drank it.  A bit of a crafty-beer place, but enough variety to cater to anyone.  By the time we were finished the place was packed.  Clearly the hangover crowd stumbles out of bed at noon.

T: OK, you're right.  That was one of the best burgers I've had also, but for some reason it just took me a few bites to realize it.
M: So we're coming back?!!!
T: Absolutely, just not during the Sunday hangover rush :)

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