Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our quest for great pulled pork!

It should come as no surprise that I (now "we") watch a TON of Food Network.  I have for years- my little brother will attest to this fact.  Every single day he would come home from school and I would be laying on the couch drinking a Coke, eating Lays plain chips with french onion dip watching FN.   Every day.   Back then Food Network was actually a cooking channel!  People had recipes and taught you how to cook a meal.  Unlike these days, where you watch D-list celebrities cook for charity, or sweaty men run around a kitchen using ingredients you've never heard of let alone want to try.  But, aside from my few gripes about FN, I love the shows like Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives.  Or its new Canadian version You Gotta Eat Here!   What really gets me going is seeing the places doing up a pulled pork sammie.  So I figure in this Alberta province we must have some wicked pork around, no?  

Our first locale is a shack.  Literally.  The Cowtown Beef Shack is a hut on the side of MacLeod Trail, in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant.  Its a drive up window then you pull around to park and eat - either in your car, or on the few dilapidated picnic tables they offer.  We have seen this place a million times driving around and finally decided to try it out.  

T: I can't read the menu, it's too far away...
M: God, you're blind. LOL. *reads me menu*
T: Gotta try the pulled pork then, it's why I came here. 

I clarify with buddy in the hut about the "cranberry slaw" and yup it's got onions, so let's just leave that off.  Mike leaves his slaw on.  Remember, I'm the picky eater in the family! 

This thing looks funny.  Its in a long, sub bun.  And its not saucy.  And I think the bread is whole wheat.  Oh man, this is plain.  Boring, dry, plain.  Head turns to the left...gauging Mike's reaction.  He's eating it.  Can't figure out if he's hungry or actually enjoys it.  I've wrapped mine back up in the paper bag and push it to the side.  Seems to be really enjoying it.  

His verdict after scarfing the whole thing was that he liked it.  The meat was good, tender, but there wasn't enough sauce on it.  Whew! Glad I wasn't the only one being super picky.

This place is such a landmark in Calgary I think its fair to give them another shot.  Maybe I was just really cranky that day, maybe I shouldn't have ordered pig when they are a beef shack.  

Once the weather is a bit nicer I'm definitely going back for a second chance!  Do you want to know why?  Because I just saw on their menu they do a Beef Dip!!!!!

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