Friday, October 12, 2012

Ooh, this should be interesting...

Two weeks ago we we in search of somewhere cheap, shady and close to home.  We've eaten at all the pubs/restaurants in our area so we've got to use Google for this one.  M recalls trying to find a pub one time in the Deer Run area but we couldn't ever locate it.  Once we did track it down we headed out.  And from the exterior we were not disappointed.

The Lighthouse Pub is exactly what you'd want in a crappy neighbourhood pub.  It's actually pretty big inside, one whole side dedicated to pool tables, the back corner dedicated to VLT's.  Unfortunately we were there at 6 pm on a wing night so it was pretty busy.  Pretty sure it was construction workers and ladies with mullets night.  Hilarious!  Our server took a pretty long time to come over for our drink order, but I was forgiving, as it seemed like she had tables all over the place.  Seeing as they don't have Canadian on tap I went for the Keith's.  YUCK!  Big mistake...this is not the kind of place that turns over "expensive" beers and this keg must have been months old.   It was entirely not drinkable and it took a while for her to notice and come back over.  This, however, is when I learned that they have Labatt Blue on tap!  Lighthouse is back in my good books!


When she came back over for our food order, we weren't entirely ready and I had a few questions   I asked if they had any marinara sauce with the mozzarella sticks and the answer was no.  Why don't pubs out here do that?  It's always ranch they give you.   Is marinara an Ontario thing??  M suggests ordering a side of the lasagne meat sauce.  Hrmph.  It'll have to do.   We let her know what our appy choices are and we tell her we'll order dinner in a bit.  She was thoroughly confused by this statement.  Keep in mind that by this point we've been here for about 45 minutes and now we need refills.  Turns out her method was to let the customer drain his/her glass completely, leave it sit there empty for a few minutes, then go ask if they want another one.  By the time she came back I figured we should order, or else we may never get our food.  M thought the lasagne sounded really good and I went for the usual "new place" beef dip.  As much as I enjoy M's company I was getting testy at how long the appetizers were taking and turning a bit grumpy.  But alas, they show up.  Yup, just like mozza sticks should be.  Bonus - I got 9 instead of the 6 the menu said!  But my meat sauce was no where to be found.  I had to flag down a different server as mine was awol.  I was willing to settle for the ranch just to get it quicker.  Our server found out and came over to apologize.  She told me they were just heating up the sauce and it will be right out.   In the meantime the random server came over and told me it was her mess up, she had taken my sauce to a different table.  Her apology came with a free pint of beer.  That I can handle :).  M's wings were, um, interesting.

T:  How are the wings?  Good?  They look all right.
M:  I'm not sure....

Huh?  The man knows his wings, and he's not sure?!  He's trying to figure out the spices which he narrows down to lemon pepper, rosemary and seasoning salt.  It's their house blend, I suppose, but it's weird   And for him to say that, it must be true.  Good thing our entree's are on the way.   Or are they......?

I may be a bit off on the timeline here, but I think we were pushing an hour and a half when dinner finally arrives.   M's lasagne looks pretty good, big, cheesy, saucy.  Everything you want it to be.  And then he goes to take a bite.  What the hell?  There are meatballs on top.

M:  These taste funny.
T:  Why are there meatballs on your lasagne?  Did the kitchen mess up, and think you ordered the spaghetti?
M:  No, I ordered it with meatballs.
T:  What? Why? *look of confusion is practically etched in my face*

He just wanted them, that's all.  I tried one, they taste fine.  Well then, shut up and eat them, I say laughing and shaking my head.  I turn to my plate and to be honest, am lost for words.

So there is a picture for you.
There were four of these halves on the plate.  It was comical.  The strangest beef dip I've ever had.  And it wasn't good at all.  Dry, plain, flavourless, just bad.  Actually all I ate was the one quarter.  I am trying to be a bit more adventurous lately and I ordered the stuffed potato.  First bite was really yummy, but went to shit when I took the second forkful.  Essentially they took the shell of the potato and FILLED it with green onions.  They put the mixed up portion on top of that and layer it with cheese.  All together it would probably taste really good - if I liked green onions.  Again, an inedible dish.  I tried valiantly to eat around the onions, but I couldn't do it.  I was digging around inside the shell as if I was scooping seeds out of a pumpkin.  I eventually gave up and decided that my dinner tonight was another pint of Blue.

We ended up getting 3 pints for free, the one from random server girl, and one each because our food took so long.  That redeems them a little bit in my books, but I'm not sure if we'll go back.

It's not too far from home, it's cheap, and they serve Blue.  Haven't seen that since I left Ontario, so that's a nice surprise.  Based on this experience though, I'll steer clear of the Lighthouse Pub.  I think I'll divert my course.
(lol, I'm so clever) 

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